Strong and Durable Custom Boat Covers

A boat cover is an important accessory for any boat. It not only offers security from the elements, it also assists to maintain the quality of your boat. The fabrics used for our custom boat covers are made of vinyl-coated polyester. The polyester based fabrics provide resistance from water, mildew, fading, cracking, and peeling. They also provide protection from extreme heat while keeping your boat’s interior temperatures cool.

We also provide ventilation ports for these non-breathable fabrics. These custom boat covers are designed to allow access for air while closing the top-to-bottom gaps to keep rain and weather out. The polyester fabric also provides the best fit and strength without stretching or shrinking over time. With proper care and maintenance these fabrics carry an industry leading manufacturers warranty of seven years.

Our custom boat covers can be found in a variety of fabric colors and designs. The option of color depends upon your personal preference.

Fishing Boat Covers

Paddle Boat Covers

Deck Boat Covers

Kayak Covers

Jet-Ski Covers

Pontoon Boat Covers

Preserving Your Watercraft

Boat covers play an extremely significant role in the preservation of your boat. We understand that buying a boat is a large financial investment, and you want to protect your investment from any harm. Boat covers will provide protection from harmful particles like dust, dirt, grime and harsh weather elements.

A Vital Accessory

A custom boat cover is a vital accessory for all boats, and has many different uses. It keeps your boat clean and dirt free, as well as helping protect from moisture and mold. A custom boat cover will help keep your boat safe from the sun’s harmful rays. Ultraviolet rays can be extremely damaging and fade the color of your boat. Without the protection of a cover, your boat could be in danger of cracking and weakness to the parts of your boat.

Why Custom?

A proper fitting boat cover can also save your boat from intrusive animals, particularly nesting animals, like squirrels and rodents, which are continuously searching for a place to hide. A high quality custom boat cover can be very useful in deterring these animals from damaging your investment.

Universal Design or Custom Boat Covers?

When it comes to boat covers, there are a variety of different ones available on the market. What separates custom covers from the rest of the market is the quality standard, fit and design that is tailored for your specific needs and desire.

A custom boat cover can be made to fit a variety of colors, designs, boat styles, lengths, and widths that provide an external shell to your boat. They provide the security and customization you are looking for.